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Hello! We are the Pope family and we are so glad that you’re here. 3 years ago we realized that we were in need of a reset of sorts. We were working all the time and missing precious moments with our kids. We wanted to travel more and connect more deeply as a family and that’s when the idea RVing was born! We had never actually even been in an RV, but that didn’t stop us. We set to work, getting rid of most of our belongings and selling our house a few months later. After finishing up some Seattle-based photography work, we packed up the RV and hit the road in the fall of 2019.fulltime RV living family

Fulltime RV travel has been such a gift to our family. even if it has brought some of the most stretching growth experiences yet. Learning how to live, work, homeschool and travel in 300sq.ft. has stretched us in more ways than we could have imagined! While most of it has been amazing, some has been really difficult, but all work worth doing is, isn’t it?Grand Design Reflection RV Fort Desoto

Through our posts, we hope to inspire you to slow down, connect more as a family, and get out to explore all our beautiful country has to offer. Our location specific travel guides with kids are designed for weend travelers, spring breakers, summer roadtrippers, or fellow fulltime RVers. If there is a place you’re curious about and we haven’t posted about it yet, send us a note and we will create a post just for you! Similarly, if you have a question about RV travel or living fulltime in an RV, let us know that as well. We are here to help make your experience an awesome one! Elk sighting Redwoods National Park

Finally, one of our favorite parts of travel is connecting with others and building community on the road, so please leave us a comment or connect with us on Instagram or Facebook. We would love to get to know you and your family and possibly even meet up on the road!


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