Welcome! We’re the Popes!

Full time family living in an RV. Say what?!? That’s right -our family is embarking on a pretty exciting American adventure this fall and we’d love to have you join us on the road!

Something has been stirring in our hearts for a really long time. And over the last year, we’ve been finding ourselves increasingly restless, not just in the sense of wanting to pursue something new, but in the sense that there’s a deeper purpose for our lives that’s been waiting (or banging on the door) to unfold.

Relationships and experiences have always been more important to us than possessions and prestige, yet over the past 15 years, we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and accomplished a lot of great things in our careers. So much so, that it’s become increasingly harder to find time to invest in our friends and family, and/or to arrange for leisure time away.

Well, one night in February, over wine outside by the fireplace, we ended up talking about how we both needed a reset. A sabbatical of sorts – to reconnect with each other, pursue unused talents & interests, and to take time to SIMPLIFY our lives. And that’s when the aha moment occurred – what could be simpler than getting rid of our stuff and moving into an RV?

It sounded completely crazy at first, especially since we’d never even slept in an RV, and we had so many questions, but the idea persisted even though we couldn’t ever seem to commit…then one day, our Pastor gave a message on God’s will. He said that we often say we want to know God’s will for our lives, and get upset because we don’t think he’s speaking, but really it’s that we aren’t willing to listen. Or, we might be listening (sort of), but we don’t actually want to act on what He’s saying because it’s asking too much or there are too many unknowns.

YOU GUYS, we felt totally convicted. We both knew right then and there that THIS JOURNEY, this crazy venture into nomadic travels with our family, is exactly what God was telling us to do. We have absolutely no clue how his is all going to play out, but we KNOW we are on the path that has been beautifully designed for us, and it feels SO good.

We’ll still be working as photographers, but focusing more on personal branding photography, adventure sessions (weddings, elopements and portraits), and fine art scenic photography. In additional, Airika is hoping to expand her business consulting services to include career counseling and start up coaching for budding young entrepreneurs.

Beyond all that though, we are mostly excited about growing deeper as a family and in our relationships with God, reconnecting with old friends, and having some amazing adventures!